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Ctrl+A: What value does innovation have today? [S01 E04]
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Ctrl+A: What value does innovation have today? [S01 E04]

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Innovation is at the heart of the companies of tomorrow, it is said. However, does it represent a simple ideal, a vision or a brake for today's companies? What dangers accompany it? Ready for a 4th episode of CTRL+A?

Innovation has been on everyone's lips for several years. In a world where everything is accelerating exponentially, it is normal that today it is part of the values ​​of many companies who believe in the future and in what new technologies can bring. It certainly brings a wind of change in many industries, and pushes companies to better meet the needs of their customers. But can innovation take up too much space? Is it possible to innovate badly? Is innovation the savior of modern times or rather the tool that will enable us to make significant progress?

To address this subject, James Forbes and Francis Devoy welcomed Philippe Boutin-Lizotte, colorful account manager and seasoned strategic advisor.

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