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Business philosophy: Google vs. Microsoft
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Business philosophy: Google vs. Microsoft


Following a conversation with the journalist from Les Affaires newspaper Jérôme Plantevin, I share with you some thoughts on the business philosophy of the two giants and its impact on their strategy.


Microsoft seems to me an aging company in front of youth and Google's way of approaching the market.

First, the business model of the two companies is very different, Google pass the bill to advertisers while Microsoft pass it to users.  

Second, Google's openness  maximizes Beta app development, allows for user feedback, and maximizes its advertising reach, and therefore revenue. Google employees are encouraged to test new features, sometimes even at the risk of prosecution. For its part, Microsoft tries by all means to control the release of its new software and to deliver a perfect product (which is rarely the case).

Finally, Google is innovative and oriented towards providing real added value  with its products and lets itself be adopted by its users (and the many journalists who talk about it). For its part, Microsoft “forces” the use somewhat, for example with its browser or its multimedia player.

I seem to have a bias towards Google, which isn't necessarily the case, but rather I believe it comes through strongly that a very large age difference of the two companies and a different past leave indelible traces in the attitude of the two giants in the face of problems and opportunities.

What do you think ?