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Chambre des Notaires

1 400 000
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People’s understanding of the risks related to a lack of legal protection remains vague and limited. Adviso set up an effective content strategy and nurtured dynamic partnerships with targeted local media. This allowed us to target behaviours, provide relevant answers to complex questions and, ultimately, ensure that the audience would say to themselves “Oh really? I hadn’t thought of that.”
Kim Bélanger
Senior Advisor, Marketing and Communication


According to a 2022 survey by Ipsos for RBC Trust Royal, two out of three Canadians aged between 35 and 54 still do not have a will. This data highlights a significant issue: Quebecers often underestimate the importance of their legal protection (and/or that of their loved ones). As a result, they procrastinate on this crucial step.

Adviso collaborated with the Chambre des notaires du Québec to plan and activate a media campaign aimed at promoting the notarial profession in Quebec. We developed and orchestrated the implementation of a content strategy leveraging targeted local media and involving various formats.





Deconstruct the inaccurate beliefs and bad advice you may receive from those around you, and the myths surrounding the complexity of the legal process.
Improve understanding of the risks and transform Quebecers' consumption habits from a reactive to a preventive mode.
Put forward the good advice Quebecers need and encourage them to take steps to better protect themselves.


For each type of notarial service, we developed a content strategy that was implemented across a range of formats (podcast, video series and articles) and which allowed us to present the human being behind the image of the notary, as well as explain in simple and accessible terms the relevance of the type of advice notaries can provide.

During this campaign, we prioritized four themes: succession and the will and testament; families and couples; real estate; and business. We produced a total of 11 videos, 5 articles and 3 audio episodes in collaboration with targeted local media, which represented a range of educational content adapted to the media consumption habits of the targeted profiles.

Video content 

In order to reach as many Quebecers as possible, a series of 6 videos covering the four themes were created in collaboration with Quebecor. Each video highlighted a notary who shared their professional history and tackled a few of the myths and questions they most frequently encountered as part of their practice. The goal was to show the public how accessible notaries are as well as they expertise in terms of legal matters. Hosted on the websites of the Journal de Québec and Journal de Montréal and promoted across Quebecor’s social network, this series received over 1.4 million views. In addition, the articles were consulted over 69,000 times, exceeding expected page views by 93 percent. Each video reached an average of 800,000 unique users.

CNQ - Video - journal de Montréal

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Print content 

In order to reach a younger target (25 to 44 years of age), we collaborated with 24 heures, a news site particularly frequented by this age group, whose mission is to create content that can be easily consumed and understood. With the help of an article, we provided a visual analysis of what to consider before making commitments as a couple, such as, for example, when buying property together. The article was highly appreciated by the 24 heures audience and was viewed over 27,000 times, surpassing expected page views by 356 percent and enabling a cost per view of only 25 cents.

CNQ - Article - 24 heures

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Audio content 

For several years now, there has been a significant increase in podcast listenership amongst Quebecers. To capitalize on this trend, we partnered with the podcast Génération Sidechick (a podcast that claims to be a guide to “surviving your thirties”) to create three episodes devoted to one of the themes of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, which included the participation of three notaries, as well as a series of four snackable videos hosted on their Instagram page. Click here to listen to the episodes.