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Your SEO strategy c. the strategy of the Montreal Canadiens
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Your SEO strategy c. the strategy of the Montreal Canadiens

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I had fun comparing a  Web referencing strategy  with my perception of the strategy followed by the Montreal Canadiens hockey club. Yes, there are a lot of similarities! I want to clarify that I am a fan of CH, so this article must be read with a bit of humor!


Work hard all year round

Unlike the players of the Montreal Canadiens, you have to work on your Web positioning throughout the year. Indeed, SEO is a task that requires constant monitoring. Dissect your statistics, analyze your visitors and readjust the shot as often as necessary!

Don't lose the free points

Unlike the Montreal Canadiens team, earn the points that are close at hand. Increase your site traffic by diversifying organic traffic sources. Be solid on the forecheck (top keywords) and don't hesitate to push the puck deep into the opponent's zone (long tail). Avoid losing easy points!

Do not hesitate to trade

When that doesn't work, do some keyword swapping! Unlike the CH, move if nothing moves. Indeed, it is possible that your strategy does not bring the expected results. Do not hesitate to play with the keywords or to modify the TITLE tags.

Avoid penalties

Unlike the penalties that are awarded to the CH by the zebra jerseys, the penalties distributed by Google are more severe! For example, duplicating content can severely penalize the positioning of certain pages of a site and even the entire site! Play by the rules and you'll avoid the penalty box.


create things

In hockey jargon, we often hear the phrase "they have to create things!" ". Unlike the CH which goes around in circles, create things like content, articles, pages. Indeed, Google likes dynamism, change and quality content! Avoid letting your site stagnate in the world of the Web.

At the time of writing this article, the CH trailed 2-1 in their series against the powerful Caps. I still hope to see the Blue White Red emerge victorious. Go Habs! Go!