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Using Reddit for marketing purposes: good luck!
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Using Reddit for marketing purposes: good luck!

Social Media Innovation

Reddit is (depending on your geekness) the new darling of the web. With over 37 billion page views in 2012 and 400 million unique visitors, it's safe to say it's not just for geeks anymore. Even the President of the United States makes an appearance . You think there must be a way for your company to make this profitable...


Let's start by exploring Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Simply put, Reddit is a user-submitted content platform where you can comment on posts and vote for or against them. The ones with the most upvotes get a lot of attention, while the ones with few upvotes are forever forgotten. You should also know that the preferred language on Reddit is English.


The Reddit community

First, know that the Reddit community is very special. Many users on the site do not like marketing. They will prefer to see images of cats.

They are often described as being: geek, young, skeptical, present (and active) in social networks and savvy in technology . If you're going to post a link to your product hoping to receive praise or, at the very least, sympathetic attention, be prepared to suffer criticism!


Why use Reddit?

Reddit offers tremendous traffic potential . If your link makes the home page of the site, it will probably be seen by the tens of thousands of visitors normally counted each day. On the lookout for renewal, they may only give you a small 15 minutes of fame, but still!


Choose your subreddit

One of the interesting things about Reddit is the division of the community into several small groups called subreddits . These subreddits are dedicated to a particular topic. There are popular ones like /r/funny , /r/pics or /r/gaming . When someone subscribes to a subreddit , the content of the subreddit will show
on their homepage, not the default content anymore. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make a link popular in these subreddits given the very high competition.

You should be aware, however, that there are the more niche subreddits . Truth be told, there's a subreddit for just about anything you can imagine:

If you use the search engine , you will be able to find subreddits in your business niches. Beware, it can be addictive!


Submit Content to Reddit

Before you even think about submitting content to Reddit, I strongly advise you to spend a few hours browsing the site and find the content that is liked by users, but especially the subreddits that you want to target.

A bit like on a blog, you have to have a catchy title . This will be your only chance to catch the reader's eye.

However, beyond the title, you have to have very relevant content . If you post to post like you do on Twitter or Facebook, you'll soon realize that your content won't make a big splash. Depending on the subreddit used, it needs to have a different tone and a distinct approach. For example, the /r/shutupandtakemymoney subreddit is focused on new products. It is therefore not uncommon to see users showing their product.

You also have to be prepared to be bombarded by criticism. Users don't go through all the stops to express their displeasure with your post .


The way to advertise on Reddit

There is still a way to advertise on Reddit, officially, thanks to their tool .

Reddit allows promoting a URL and a title at a very low cost. We are talking about an average of $0.10 per click. It is possible to choose the duration and the budget of the advertisement.

One of the nice features is that it is possible to target only people who are subscribed to a particular subreddit . So you can focus on users who will have interests in your content.

This ad will display at the top of the site as shown in the image below:

You now know that Reddit can be used as a marketing tool, when used well.