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Twitter opens its Twitter Analytics tool to websites
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Twitter opens its Twitter Analytics tool to websites

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Update  : It looks like some accounts don't have access to this tool. Twitter does not display reasons why the feature is only available to certain accounts.

Twitter has very quietly decided to make the Twitter Analytics tool for websites available to all of its users. This tool allows you to obtain several statistics about your website, including the number of visits coming from Twitter links and the number of tweets per day relating to your site.



First, you must register via the analytics.twitter.com site . 

To log in, simply use your Twitter account ID.

You will come across an error message from Twitter regarding ads; do not worry.

To view your website stats, simply click on 'Stats' in the top bar — as shown in the image above — and select 'Website'.

The HTML code to add to your site will be displayed. Adding it to your site will prove that you are the manager.

Twitter will then verify your site (this may take a few seconds), and you will automatically have access to your website stats.

What's interesting is that you will be entitled to your statistics since the creation of the Twitter short links , and not only since the implementation of the HTML code on your website! 

You will therefore be able to see the number of tweets pointing to your site, the interactions on these, in addition to the number of clicks on the links!

Now, if one continues to examine the Twitter analytics tool, one can find some very interesting information about our account.


For example, the interactions made with your latest tweets according to the number of favorites, retweets and replies.

Again, you can go back in time as you see fit. With the "Best" option, you will be able to see the top 20 tweets of the last year.


This function is very important to know if your Twitter account accurately represents you. It allows you to know the profile of the people who follow you.

Here is an overview of the data you will be able to find:

You will therefore be able to check if the fields of interest of your subscribers correspond to yours, know where your subscribers are located and see the other users they follow.