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Pokémon GO or the myth of the lazy user
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Pokémon GO or the myth of the lazy user

Client experience & UX

(Sunday of the EURO final, 106th minute of game time. Ronaldo out. No goals.)

– I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, there’s a gym at the end of the road…

– Wait, are you serious!?!

In this one surreal moment, I came to understand that within less than 24 hours, a simple iOS app still not even officially available in Canada had transformed my boyfriend into a servile drone.

The culprit: Pokémon GO, Nintendo’s latest, greatest nostalgic throwback (developed in partnership with Niantic, an ex- Google-lab project). This game that, for better or for worse, instantly won over players and investors alike, has suddenly overtaken all our newsfeeds and is on its way to attracting more free publicity within a few short hours than a certain US presidential candidate… That takes some doing!

The app integrates geospatial information in real time with the player’s phone camera, allowing an immersive experience: the little monsters are right next to you, or a few steps away. That is why the followers roam the city and businesses where the coveted creatures are hiding. At this level of commitment, we can say that augmented reality has finally become mainstream. Marketing people, time to take notes.

Source : Techcrunch

A Perfect Mastery of Design Patterns

From a UX perspective, this can all be explained easily enough. As you would expect from a world-class product, the design patterns are perfectly executed: Incremental construction, gradual unveiling, direct manipulation, all the psychological markers of good game mechanics. It’s extremely well done, and the result is highly compelling.

Pokémon GO is the perfect example: Contrary to popular belief, users are actually determined and hardworking. They are able to learn fast, to adapt to new ideas, and to do totally bizarre things when they really want to.

That’s why as of this morning, Adviso is offering a new service: The Pokémonization of your user experience. Thanks to our new strategies and tactics, gone are lazy users who don’t read and don’t want to listen, gone are depressing bounce rates and the low conversion rates that go with them. Together, we’ll transform your visitors into active and engaged customers!

They’ll share your content with wild abandon.

They’ll line up in front of your online store.

They will click on ALL the buttons of ALL your platforms, ALL THE TIME!

There’s only one prerequisite before we sit down: You have to make yourself highly desirable. People need to want to go out into the streets for you. They have to love what you do, what you say, who you are. In short, you have to deserve the attention.  
Do you have what it takes for us to Pokémonize your UX? GO?