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My 5 SEO wishes to Google
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My 5 SEO wishes to Google

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Improve Google Webmaster Tools

The GWT tool is very useful for the SEO specialist. Unfortunately, new arrivals are rare. Moreover, the biggest shortcoming of the tool is at the level of access. Multi-user access does not exist! For the moment, two accounts must be created and two identifiers added to the analyzed site so that the expert and the client can see and use the same account.  

Google please allow me to add users like we can in Google Analytics account.

Don't go crazy with real time search

The SEO community is planning big changes. We are beginning to see that Google is giving more and more space to the results generated by the Twitters of this world… Will this approach really help to improve the quality of search results? Will there be a wave of spam in real time? There are many advantages, but also disadvantages that  many note .

  1. Companies will have to be alert to avoid crises.
  2. The big sites will grab the top positions on real-time searches. For example, Dell.
  3. There will be a wave of spam in real time.

Google, please remember that you are a search engine first and foremost.

Create a Google certification in SEO

It is known that Google is not fond of SEO specialists and has never recognized the profession of SEO expert. But SEO work has been part of the search engine world from the very beginning, and so, you better get along! Adwords certification exists. Why not SEO certification? This is a great opportunity for Google to establish a standard in the field. A kind of W3C of SEO! Google would gain and customers would get uniform expertise. An SEO certification would allow companies and SEO experts to prove that they comply with the rules imposed by Google and thus avoid blackhat. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of companies that claim to be SEO experts without being.

Google, please allow me to get my Google SEO consultant certified degree!

Improve parsing of Javascript, Ajax and Flash

Google mentioned being able to navigate JavaScript. Personally, I believe there is still a lot of work to do! At the moment, Google supports the onclick function, but nothing more. Regarding Flash, two years ago  Google announced its Flash indexing algorithm . Yet, have you noticed any improvements on the subject? Flash content is still nearly impossible to index.

Google, please keep your promises!

Improve Keyword Tool results on local searches

The Keyword Tool  is very interesting for analyzing search trends and discovering keywords relating to its sector of activity. However, the tool becomes imprecise when targeting a territory that manages more than one language, for example French Canada. To obtain precise data, it is necessary to trust the data of the preceding month because the annual average includes the data of the same language without disregarding the country. I wish Google could offer specific numbers on the average results for the last 12 months. For example, I want to know the average number of searches over the past 12 months for the keyword "Mother's Day", but it's December. I cannot rely on the figures for the previous month. It is clear that the searches will be very weak. So I want to look at the average number of searches done over the full year. Unfortunately, the results will be skewed as the results will include data from France, despite my selection of French Canada.

Google, please elaborate on your Keyword Tool results for micro markets.

A last one!

Mr. Google, send me your search engine algorithm and I promise not to list again next year!