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Instagram Stories: The Internet Reacts
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Instagram Stories: The Internet Reacts

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The web caught fire Tuesday after the announcement of the new Stories functionality by Instagram. The elephant in the room?  This new addition is a carbon copy of the Snapchat Stories.  Instagram CEO has even admitted to  Tech Crunch that Snapchat deserved all the credit for this new format.


While images, videos, GIFs and jokes started to flood in across the Internet highlighting the similitude, users have also started testing the new feature. Warmly welcomed by some for its quality, the new interface offers the possibility for brands that are already well-established on Instagram to use the ephemeral format popularized by Snapchat to engage their existing fans without having to rebuild their community from scratch on an other platform. 

One thing is for sure, the Net has not remain indifferrent to the announcement and we had fun collecting a few Twitter reactions that pretty much reflects the current state of mind: 

1. Some imagine the reaction of Snapchat.




2. Some had fun making a parallel with the Melania Trump plagiarism scandal.




3. Some imagine really awkward scenarios.



4. Some didn’t hesitate to use a moralistic tone.



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