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A “Big Deal” for Google: Launching the Google Analytics 360 Suite with New DMP and Experiments Tools
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A “Big Deal” for Google: Launching the Google Analytics 360 Suite with New DMP and Experiments Tools

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The paradigm for enterprise marketers and analytics professionals is about to change significantly. With an ever increasing number of data signals, the Analytics 360 suite will finally allow us to catch up with the mobile and marketing revolution and turn insights into action faster than ever before. Here are the new business analytics requirements to adapt to in 2016:

  • Get full visibility into customer behaviour not just aggregate marketing data
  • Get useful insights, not more data!
  • Share insights and collaborate with everyone
  • Deliver engaging experiences to the right people

Here at Adviso we’re looking forward to testing all the new products – Audience Center 360, Optimize 360, and Data Studio 360 – and working on a walkthrough program for our premium clients as soon as they are in public beta. Contact us if you want to chat about this in  more detail.

“Mobile has changed the landscape of web analytics: We need to evolve to a new experience”

Introducing the Google Analytics 360 Suite, radically evolved to meet new and changing needs


Google’s new solution is designed to help businesses better understand their target customers’ journeys and engage with them at the right time. The Suite consists of six tools:

  • Google Analytics 360
  • Google Attribution 360
  • Google Optimize 360 (beta)
  • Google Audience Center 360 (beta)
  • Google Data Studio 360 (beta)
  • Google Tag Manager 360

Tag Manager, Analytics and Attribution are all rebranded versions of existing tools that will now have additional features.

Analytics 360: the new Google Analytics Premium


Basically, this is a tool to slice and dice data from all touch-points for exploratory analysis. Google Analytics 360 is the place where you’ll get a full view of your consumer insights and where segmentation becomes really powerful. The product is ideal for first-party data integration like offline sales, offline advertising (like TV ads), web traffic, mobile app activity and CRM customer attribute data (but without PII – Personally Identifiable Information).

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Act efficiently on your most valuable data


Go from insight to impact faster by integrating first party data (e.g. Google Analytics – GA) to third party data (e.g. DoubleClick Campaign Manager – DCM) or even CRM data (Customer Relationship Management records). Imported data (e.g advertising or loyalty data) can be segmented using the standard GA advanced segments feature.

Attribution 360 : Measure cross-channel and cross-device performance


Formerly known as Adometry, an acquisition made in early 2014, this product is really about marketing investment attribution and getting a complete overview of your cross-channel marketing (Digital Attribution, Marketing Mix Modelling and TV Attribution). It is ideal for large enterprises with a wide range of marketing investments, who are experiencing attribution challenges.

Optimize 360: Less about testing and more about personalization


This product lets you experiment with your marketing and site content using multiple variations of messaging and interface elements in order to understand what works best with your audience. This site testing tool is really about increasing personalization to deliver a better and more engaged user experience.

Audience 360: Audience Management


Audience 360 is a Data Management Platform (DMP) that helps you understand your customers. It is designed to connect with other marketing delivery tools to deliver the right message to the right people more easily across all acquisition and engagement platforms (such as email marketing, automation, advertising and experimentation tools). It offers native integration with Google and DoubleClick tools, plus it’s open to third party data providers, Demand Side Platforms (DSP) and more.

Data Studio 360: Real-time collaboration


This is a collaborative data analysis and visualization tool based on Google Docs functionalities. It overlays data from Analytics, Adwords, DoubleClick, Google Sheets, BigQuery and external data sources. Data Studio 360 lets you create custom dashboards and reports with your team and share them with your stakeholders.

Google Tag Manager 360: Data collection

Tag Manager has been in constant evolution since its inception. In fact, since last year, all Google Analytics Premium customers were getting Tag Manager Premium (including Enterprise SLA and support) with their licensing. This is still the case but stay tuned in the coming months for additional enterprise features such as better workflow management and enterprise security enhancements.

Google Analytics 360 will be rolled out to all users progressively in the coming weeks

The four new products in the Suite (Audience Center, Data Studio, Optimize and Tag Manager) are now available in limited beta. Contact your Adviso account manager to request to be whitelisted . Adviso will provide migration details to current Google Analytics Premium and Adometry users once they are available.

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Google Analytics 360 Suite: Pricing model

Pricing details will be available in the coming weeks, stay in touch with your Adviso account manager to get more information.

Google Analytics Solutions: Rebranded, new logos


What are your first impressions about this announcement? Please share your thoughts below.