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Historic Quality Score: how to build a business case like a pro with the Adviso method
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Historic Quality Score: how to build a business case like a pro with the Adviso method

Paid Media & SEM Innovation

Time is money. Nothing could be more true when we talk about SEM campaigns.


More so, time and money are extremely precious resources that always seem to run dry too quickly. In a competitive and results-driven environment, it’s therefore normal that specialists stick to known methods and processes that yield stable results. Specialists are also often limited by stagnant budgets, leaving little room to experiment with new opportunities. In SEM, tried and true is king.

But where is the innovation in all of this? Too often, marketers have to content themselves with admiring new trends and methods from afar because they don't have the budget to try them out in their existing campaigns. This does not benefit anyone, especially not the client, who ultimately does not obtain the best possible results.

The question then becomes: how do you free up your existing budget to make room for innovation? Hard to imagine, but easy to do thanks to the Historic Quality Score, a method that will allow you to improve the relevance of targeting, which will therefore reduce the cost per click. The result? A budget that can finally breathe a little and that will allow you to optimize your campaigns in new ways!

Integrating this method into your campaigns will benefit you not only in the short term in terms of efficiency and speed of access to the desired information, but also in the long term because it will allow you to create “ solid business cases” for your customers. It is with this method that we develop our "business cases" at Adviso, especially since it can be adapted according to the results and data sought and be combined with other techniques, such as  the Blindfold  that we saw last week. . In this video, we'll look at each step of this method while showing you how to adapt it to your needs.

We are confident that it will quickly become a staple in your team!