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How to Increase the Visibility of Your Facebook Page Posts
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How to Increase the Visibility of Your Facebook Page Posts

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Since  September 20 , Facebook has changed its display algorithm to give less importance to business pages in the news feed of users . You can easily verify this by taking a quick look at Facebook Insights.


Here's an example of what your stats might look like with Facebook's new settings in place and if you're not running ads or promotions:

As for the importance of the drop, we can speak of an average decrease of 25% in visibility for pages carrying out a so-called “normal” activity; who do community management without organizing a monthly contest or using advertising, according to a study by  EdgerankChecker . This drop varies from 5% to 40% depending on the performance of your community management.

Now, before you throw your Facebook page out the window cursing Mark Zuckeberg,  think about what you can do to improve your visibility  !

Here are two ways to show up more often in your fans' news feeds.


One of the possible solutions is to improve the  Edgerank  of your page by modifying your community management . Edgerank  is the name of Facebook  's famous algorithm that determines whether a post will appear in a fan's newsfeed or not. This increases when a user interacts with the page (comments, likes or shares posts, for example).

The easiest way: use images.  All the  studies  prove it and even  Facebook says  it: images catch the eyes of the Facebook user. Do not hesitate to decorate your publications with a photo in connection with this one.

Feel free to use  stock photos  if you don't have any on hand.  For reasonably priced  stock photos  , try Fotolia .

There is also the option to just put the text as an image . This method is harder to do without a design application like Photoshop, but you can always give it a shot!


I've written this before, but I'll say it again : Be careful not to use photos of popular topics just to get  likes .

Here are some pages whose community animation with photos is very well done:

Here are some other ways to improve your publication strategy  :

  • Keep your posts short;
  • Use simple calls to action to engage with your audience;
  • Publish regularly (without saying anything).

Small note  : The number of publications per day depends on the type of content of the page. We are talking about once a day for a classic page, and up to 4-5 times a day for media and news type pages.


New for a few months, this tool makes it possible to reach a greater number of fans or to join fans and friends of fans. It therefore allows us to “control” the Edgerank  as we wish to display our publications more often . It is a paid tool unfortunately and the prices will increase accordingly to the number of "Likes" on a page.

To do this, simply choose "Promote" at the bottom of a post and select the desired amount to reach a certain number of people defined by Facebook.

For a page with 65,000 fans, the options look like this:




Whereas a 2,000 fan page will have these options


Just add a credit card directly from your page and your post will be promoted instantly.

This tool is especially useful with promotions and contests . They are then accessible via the Facebook ads tool to allow you access to detailed results.

In conclusion, to reach more users on Facebook, there are no silver bullets . However, by enriching your relationship with them, you will manage to transform them from Facebook fans to real fans and appear more often in their newsfeed. Community management has never been more important for a social community. There are also other methods like contests and promotions, but that's a whole other story for another blog post.