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Facebook Creative Hub
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Facebook Creative Hub

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Here is a guide to using the Creative Hub on Facebook. Get the most out of this collaborative tool with a step-by-step approach.


Are you directly or indirectly involved with marketing campaigns on Facebook? Then read on. 

We’ll show you how you can push the creative potential of your Facebook campaigns even farther by using the Creative Hub. 

When we launch a marketing campaign, we often make the mistake of (only) thinking about our audiences, the best channels on which to reach them, and how to measure performance… But what about the creative we use? The final link in the chain, it’s actually the variable that has the single greatest impact on your sales, according to multiple studies:

(Sources: comScore, HBR, Nielsen Catalina Solutions)


What is Facebook Creative Hub?

The Creative Hub is a platform designed to enable marketing professionals to collaborate on ad campaign creative, learn new functionalities and get inspired by the vast creative potential offered by Facebook.

A few different marketing types will be attracted to this tool: creative teams within companies, creative teams at media agencies, and owners of small and medium-sized businesses who are handling their own communications.

At Adviso, we mainly use the Creative Hub for: 

  • Simplifying discussions about creative with our clients (see you later, email threads)
  • Allowing our clients to directly visualize what their creative will look like and how it will behave in different placements and platforms
  • Allowing our clients and partner creative agencies to explore new creative angles

This article will guide you step by step through Creative Hub and demonstrate all the advantages offered by the new version.


Creative Hub advantages

When sharing ad copy, visuals and URLs by email or chat, or in an Excel file, Google Sheet or PowerPoint, it’s sometimes easy to get lost among the various sources of information. This platform enables you to gather all the elements together in a single location and structure the creative process.


Mock-ups and approvals

Anyone with access to a Facebook Ads account can access the Creative Hub and use it to create or view mockups. All parties are then able to propose new options until a final version, the one that will be used in the final campaign, is agreed upon. 

As soon as the mockups are marked as ready, they can be imported into your Ads account. This is one of the most practical parts of the platform, since transferring mockups straight to the advertising account eliminates, at the source, any risk of an error slipping into the creative as it’s put online


Formats and inspiration

Another really interesting aspect is that through its preview tool, the platform gives a complete, detailed preview of all the creative formats available in the Facebook ecosystem.

Écosystème Facebook

And if you have no idea where to start, the Get Inspired section of the Creative Hub enables you to see best use cases for each different format, to give you a better idea of the wide array of functionalities offered by the platform.


From conception to online publishing


Step 1

Ready? Ok, go to the Creative Hub to start building your first mockup! 

Access the platform via:

  • Or from your Business Manager menu
  • Once you’re in the Creative Hub of your Ads account, click Create mockup .

    Facebook-Creative-Hub-1 (5)-jpg-1

In the latest version of the Creative Hub, you no longer need to create projects and add collaborators manually. Anyone with access to your Ads account can be a collaborator and work on mockups. 


Step 2

Build your first mockup – it might be your next ad! 

  1. Name your mockup.
  2. Choose the Facebook page and Instagram account.
  3. Choose the format.
  4. Add your visuals, texts and URL.
  5. Choose your call to action.



Step 3

You can now choose to personalize your mockup for each placement, directly from the preview tool:

  • Instagram Stories 
  • Messenger
  • In-Stream 
  • Search Results 
  • Right Column 
  • News Feed Marketplace 
  • Audience Network 
  • Etc.




Step 4

Correct any errors the platform may be displaying, if any.

Note: If you get an error message that there’s no video when you’re only using images, you can ignore the message. The only result will be that these ads will not be broadcast on placements like In-Stream video, for example.

Happy with your work? Mark your mockup as ready to be used by the person responsible for your media campaigns.




Step 5 (for the person responsible for managing your media campaigns)

Go to your Ads account, go to the Ad section, and select the “Use mockup” option to import your creative from the Creative Hub

Think about adding your tracking parameters and adjusting your landing pages as needed, and that’s it – you’re done!




Ready for action?

What did you think of this guide? Was it useful? Did you learn anything new? If you have questions about using Facebook’s Creative Hub, don’t hesitate to get in touch!