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5 ways to use lead ads to maximize your leads!
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5 ways to use lead ads to maximize your leads!

Social Media Business Strategy

Are you looking to get more leads? Think you’ve tried everything? Have you ever tested Facebook lead ads?

Though lead ads were launched at the end of 2015, we’re only just starting to see the full potential of this tactic. In addition to generating leads, this tactic allows you to build an audience of highly qualified users.

So, how do lead ads work? At first glance, they seem like every other Facebook ad. But it’s once you click on the ad that things get interesting!

First, you will find a page (optional, but recommended) where you can list the benefits of your products/services and what sets you apart. This page wouldn’t be complete without a clear call to action button. Then a form page opens, containing a number of questions you will have set up in advance. Note that you can pre-populate certain fields with information you already have, such as the first name, last name, sex and email address.

Finally, a confirmation page will appear once the user has completed the form. It’s so simple, but so very effective!

How should you process your leads? There are two options:

1 – You can automate the process by connecting your CRM to your ad account. Leads will automatically be loaded into your database.

2 - You can do a manual export from your ad account.

Obviously, option 1 allows you to process leads much faster, but setting it up requires a certain amount of expertise.

I can already hear you asking—how can you take advantage of lead ads? Well, here are 5 ways to use lead ads like a #pro!

1- Collect leads that require you to send an email or reminder

This is the strategy most people think of for lead ads. Users expect to get reminders, so they’ll gladly give you certain information, depending on the product or service. For example, this would be very appropriate in the context of a life insurance campaign, where you must speak to someone to complete the purchase of a policy.

2- Newsletter subscription

Nothing is easier. Users enter their information (if it hasn’t already been prefilled) and there you have it! This is an excellent way of reaching future prospects without requiring them to go directly to your website.

3- Event registration

Facebook already has an event registration mechanism. However, while we are now able to re-target users that confirmed their attendance, it is impossible to collect personalized information on those who registered. Thankfully, lead ads allows you to bypass this limitation.

By personalizing your questions, you can get all the information you need about future participants. For example, 50% of people registered live outside Montreal, or 40% are 25 years old or less. If necessary, the information collected can be used to modify or adapt certain elements of the event.

What’s more, you can create an audience of registered users, allowing you to re-target these people.

4- Free trial of a product

Do you want people to test your product or service, while keeping a list of the users who’ve made the request? Use lead ads!

Not only can you take advantage of Facebook’s ad targeting options to reach the right potential customers, but you can also build an audience of users who requested a free trial. This will then allow you to present them with a special offer or particular discount down the road.

5- Replace a subpar page/section of your site

Do you want to drive people to a particular product or service, but no appropriate landing page exists? Is your site out of date? Lead ads are your friends!

In addition to offering potential savings, a form is far easier to create/modify than a website. You can therefore promote your product or service while taking advantages of the returns lead ads can generate.

As you can see, there are several ways of using lead ads. Whether it’s to generate leads in the traditional sense, for event registration, newsletter sign ups or promoting a product trial, this tactic should be an integral part of your paid social strategyAs with all tactics and platforms, optimization is essential to the success of your campaign. This article is full of tips for optimizing your use of Facebook.

On that note, I wish you happy optimizing, and above all, new customers thanks to lead ads!