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4 Free Tools to Measure Website Social Shares
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4 Free Tools to Measure Website Social Shares

Social Media

Here are tools that will allow you to see the popularity of a website on social media. Not with the number of likes of the Facebook page or the number of Twitter followers, but rather with the exact number of shares on social media of the page. This helps to determine the most viral content on your website.


Some tools also allow you to search an entire site, allowing you to see your most popular topics over time.

Here are 4 free tools that will allow you to measure the social shares of a website.


SharedCount allows to have the number of social shares for the web address that you give it. This is very handy for quickly knowing if a particular page is popular. The tool offers its own API for interested parties, free of charge.

The tool gives the following results:

  • I like facebook
  • Facebook sharing
  • Facebook Comments
  • Tweets
  • +1
  • Pine
  • LinkedIn sharing
  • Delicious bookmark
  • Stumbles


Social Crawlytics is a free tool for the first use and thereafter you must make a small donation in exchange for which you will receive credits which will be used to use the tool. This allows you to quickly generate reports of the social shares of all the pages.

Here is the sample report for Adviso.ca:

You can then see which URLs have been shared the most and on which network. This allows you to see at a glance what is popular on your website.


Topsy allows you to see the number of tweets on a specific URL. This is handy when you want to quickly see the popularity of a URL, but also see who exactly talked about it. Topsy also identifies influential people and makes them stand out.


This site provides the latest Twitter, Facebook and Google+ shares from an RSS feed. Less detailed than Social Crawlytics, this tool allows you to quickly see what stood out the most in your latest articles.


Here are some uses of these tools:

  • Analyze which type of content works best on which social network
  • Look for similarities in the titles of articles that are shared the most
  • See what works best on competitors' websites
  • Check if users are inclined to share the right link (section vs article, for example)