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3 mobile applications for monitoring in real time
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3 mobile applications for monitoring in real time

Social Media

Social media monitoring is an essential activity for a company. Whether it's tracking mentions of your brand, listening to the conversation in your industry, unearthing business opportunities, or analyzing what your competitors are doing, it's important to always know what's being said and be able to react quickly. .


But, how to do effective monitoring even when you are on the move, far from your workstation? Here are  3 mobile applications to use to be notified in real time of mentions around your brand on several platforms  and to be able to respond to your community no matter where you are (if you have an internet connection of course).


To manage your Facebook page, download the official Facebook app, Facebook Pages Manager , for free , available on iOS only. 

This application was launched by Facebook in mid-May 2012 specifically to meet the needs of community managers and allows you to:

  • Manage multiple Facebook pages  
  • Receive real-time notifications of comments, messages and posts on your pages  
  • Posting  to your pages and responding to comments
  • Analyze the statistics  of your pages and posts (Facebook Insights)
  • Select the notifications  to receive in "push"
  • Although Facebook's mobile apps aren't always the best and can be frustratingly slow at times, Facebook Pages Manager is our top choice for monitoring and animating your Facebook page(s).

    Please note, however, that Facebook searches are not possible with this application, you will only be notified of comments on the pages that belong to you.


    In order to do effective monitoring on Twitter, we strongly suggest the free Hootsuite application . Available on Android and iOS, we preferred it to the official Twitter application for its many features: 

    • Manage multiple Twitter accounts more easily  
    • Receive instant notifications  of mentions of your @usernames, direct messages and new Twitter followers
    • View all your available search feeds  on your original Hootsuite dashboard
    • Write posts  and respond in real time
    • Analyze the statistics  of your tweets (Hootsuite Analytics)
    • Redirect posts  via email
    • Select the notifications  to receive in "push"
    • As with the original Hootsuite dashboard, the ability to view Twitter search feeds is also available on the mobile app. Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive notifications of new mentions of your searches. For example, you will be able to see mentions of a "hashtag", but you will not receive "push" notifications.


      To complete your monitoring and overcome the limitations of the two previous tools (i.e. the absence of alerts for Facebook, Twitter or Google searches), we offer the Push Reader application , downloadable on iOS at the price of $1.99, thanks to the following features: 

      • Receive push notifications from your RSS feeds every 15 minutes   
      • Select the streams  to receive in "push"
      • Consult all your RSS feeds  available on your original Google Reader dashboard
      • Redirect relevant messages  to the relevant department or individual via email
      • Receive notifications from your Google Alerts , Twitter searches , and Facebook searches    
      • Although the Push Reader app was designed by an individual and not a company, the price and features the app offers set it apart from all of the competing apps we tested.


        Finally, there is no application to make a perfect watch. We therefore believe that the best solution is the complementary use of a few tools to adapt them to your particular needs. By the way, if you use other tools that you find indispensable, share them with us in the comments . Good vigil!