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The future of advertisers on Facebook
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The future of advertisers on Facebook


For the aperitif this week, we welcome Jean-Hugues Roy, former journalist at Radio-Canada and professor at UQAM, to discuss the recent tremors that have hit the web giant Facebook and the potential repercussions on the decisions of advertisers.

Facebook has been criticized from all sides since the beginning of 2020. First the pause in advertising investments in July, then the insurrection against the lack of supervision of conspiracy and hate speech on its platform, and finally, the documentary Social Dilemma.

As these lines are written, Facebook and the news media in Australia are engaged in a disturbing confrontation, thus giving a taste of what could soon happen in Canada.

Apple adds a layer with a direct affront to Facebook in the next version of its operating system . 

Will advertisers stay loyal to this platform? Can they afford to let her down? Is this an opportunity for local media?

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