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How to find an influencer Twitter user?
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How to find an influencer Twitter user?

Social Media Opinions

“I am an influencer on Twitter! "What are you basing it on?" "Well…I've passed 2,000  followers !" Let me tell you, in some cases it doesn't mean anything!


The best tool to know if an individual is an influencer is really common sense.  However, it is difficult to have an overview of all Twitter accounts to let common sense guide your choice. We are therefore going to look at the criteria that can be used to find an influencer on Twitter!

We will take the example of a company that wants to send a limited number of cups, by post, to influencers. It must therefore choose its influencers correctly to maximize its chances.


The evaluation of the performance of a Twitter account goes through its complete analysis. What to watch first:

  • Number of subscriptions
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of lists the account is a member of

This information, easy to find, is the first criteria on which to rely.


It will depend on the industry. Social media is very popular and will definitely have a lot more followers than other industries, like the travel industry. There is no magic number, but it can often be said that below 400 followers, the person has a relatively small audience that may not be worth targeting.

Now, if we dug a little under the surface, dropped the robot mode and looked at the  real purpose of a Twitter account: interactions.

  • Number of mentions
  • Frequency of RTs, official or manual
  • Quality of subscriptions (from robots or from the real world)
  • Subscriptions/subscribers ratio
  • Mentions to tweets ratio

Assessing all of this, however, can take a long time.  Depending on your needs, I might just be looking at average mentions per tweet. This is important if you want to generate interactions on the network.

If your content is highly specialized, looking at the quality of listings can be a way to identify niche experts.

I mentioned the subscriptions-to-followers ratio , because that can be important in some cases. This ratio can ring a bell when it comes to subscriber acquisition. If someone has more followings than followers, they may be following a lot of people hoping to be followed back. The ratio also often expresses a certain celebrity status.

There are also tools that can greatly help you start your lists. However, I would like to urge you to be careful when using these tools . Never rely solely on numbers.

Some useful tools:

  • TwitterCounter   : Displays the number of followers and subscriptions over time
  • Klout  : Gives an index of influence on social media according to different topics
  • Kred  : Gives an overall influence score
  • Fake Follower Check  : Provides insight into how many fake followers a user has (via  Duc )

Never forget to differentiate between an influencer and someone who knows how to use the tools well. There are ways to artificially increase its number of subscribers. If you look at the metrics I talked about earlier, you might be able to better define an influencer, depending on your needs.

Never forget  : Twitter isn't everything. There are a lot of influential people who aren't even on Twitter. It's always important to know the areas of influence of your targets.