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With Adviso, we’ve made progress in the internalization of our advertising technology while focusing on the real business challenges of our entire organization.
Véronique Hébert-Dumont
Manager, Consumer Growth and Engagement

Internalization of Google Marketing Platform advertising technology

Air Canada Vacations (ACV), a division of Air Canada dedicated to recreational travel and all-inclusive packages offered by the airline, engaged in a process of internalization of its MarTech technologies. Through their assimilation, the company was able to better control its customer data assets and advertising operations by being more efficient and attentive to the effect of a range of marketing initiatives already underway.

For the past several years, Air Canada Vacations had already been using a popular digital analytics platform: Google Marketing Platform. More specifically, it had been using the paid version of the standard Google Analytics tool, Analytics360. Currently, in order to continue the momentum it has already built, the company has also taken on GMP (Google Marketing Platform, formerly called DoubleClick) as well as Campaign Manager (CM or DCM). This ad campaign management platform was chosen for its numerous advertising and analytics technologies created by Google and to facilitate use by specialists trained in this market.

The integration of Campaign Manager into the MarTech ecosystem enabled ACV to improve the efficiency of every dollar it invested. Thus, all of the advertising media investments can now be measured through a single unbiased platform, enabling the attribution of performance depending on business needs. The overlap between reach and frequency of ads displayed on the web through media partners is now better controlled in order to avoid overexposing users to ads. The integration of this internal operational measure also enables access to results in real time and accelerates decision making related to the optimization of marketing performance.

Campaign Manager was also connected to the Google Studio platform to improve the efficiency and quality of creative delivered. Banners are now produced by internal resources through Google Studio in HTML5 and forwarded to CM, enabling better visual quality, access to a wider range of rich media formats and better reactivity if changes are needed.

Finally, by creating a naming convention and solid tagging strategy (pixel tagging) linking all of the data from Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook, the ACV team was able to generate reliable reports on targeted audiences and to optimize their strategies over time.

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