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Adviso was attentive to our needs and accurately understood our targets and goals. Flexible, proactive and rigorous at each stage of the mandate, they developped great complicity with us. Overall, the performance and the strategies proposed by Adviso has undoubtedly contributed to the successful lauch of our film.
Louise Chamberland
Vice-president, Distribution, Téléfiction

Generating awareness of the Aurélie Laflamme film, Les pieds sur terre

To promote the launch of the movie Aurélie Laflamme – Les pieds sur terre in theaters all accross the province, Adviso proposed an integrated Web marketing approach based on performance to Téléfiction, including media buy and social media strategy. Adviso orchestrated different tactics to first introduce the movie and drive the public in theaters. It also prepared relevant and qualified audiences to be part of future promotional initiatives for the movie.

Challenges related to the project

Mesure conversions in a context where we do not control the tickets sale
Reach a specific clientele
Attract users’ attention during the NHL playoffs, the release of major blockbuster movies such as The Avengers, and the return of the sunny season

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Plan and implement a strategy and viral social tactics to reach an organic public and increase the movie’s visibility in the month before its release
Support the viral campaign, equip fans with about 60 organic publications and multiply the number of ambassadors through paid social tactics
Collect owned, qualified audience data for Téléfiction that was used for digital media retargeting a few days before the movie premiere. These audiences will also be targeted in subsequent initiatives
Setting up an efficient and targeted digital media buy strategy, including Premium ads, video pre-roll and lightbox, banners on social platforms, programmatic buying, remarketing and SEM

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