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Adviso proved to be a reliable partner and active communicator with great recommendations for a campaign with a moderate budget. The team allowed us to adjust our target audience, cocktail-lovers for whom our recipes were too simple, to more conventional consumers. Moreover, budget was attributed to the most effective creative, so we got optimized results in adapted environments.
Caroline Moro
Oasis Brand Manager
Banque Nationale

Taking concrete measure of Oasis Juice’s reputation


The holidays are definitely a period of peak consumption of cranberry juice. Oasis chose this time to invest in the re-launch of its 1.36 L cranberry juice, with a festive campaign based around cocktails and mocktails. The market, though, is dominated by the brand’s main competitor, which tends to be top of mind for consumers in the category.

To stand out, a campaign was launched within just a few days that showcased cranberry and berry juices through cocktail recipes, and that featured 75 iterations of the ad creative on Facebook and in rich media. All this creative was produced and put online in record time, and allowed us, through A/B testing, to identify which versions generated the most value for the brand and the audience.  

But how can you quantitatively calculate reputation in real time during a brand campaign? A unique structure of key indicators was developed, including metrics like Share of Video Views (60%) and engagement rate (9.24%).

Thanks to this iterative content strategy and key performance indicators adapted to reputation, engagement with Oasis cranberry juice surpassed the goals that had been established, generating a considerable increase in qualified leads, doubling the average time spent on the landing page during the campaign and racking up three times more video views during the campaign than two of the brand’s biggest competitors. Now that’s strong engagement.

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