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+ 55%
Visits from off brand search
32 %
bounce rate reduction
157 %
increase in the duration of the average mobile visit

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The strategic planning and analysis stage was essential for us to properly identify the ITHQ’s clientele and their needs. The Adviso team met the challenge head on. Their expertise and ability to innovate unquestionably contributed to the success of the new site.
Paul Caccia
Director of Communications and of Public Relations and International Affairs

Development of a site to serve all the entities of the Institute

The ITHQ had a unique site that brought together all their services without making distinctions based on the needs of specific personas.

Develop a site to serve the interests of all the entities that make up the Institute, including the school, hotel and restaurants.

Challenges related to the project

Establish an integrated Web presence without compromising the uniqueness of the services offered by each ITHQ entity
Respect the norms required for the sites of Quebec governmental organizations
Allow visitors to rapidly find the information they are searching for
Plan for integration with ReservIT
Put a structure in place to organize the management of the Web strategy
Build loyalty among current students and convert them into donors
Plan AdWord campaigns with different budgets for each program of study

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Meet with end user representatives to establish the needs for the site
Create landing pages to test new templates throughout the redesign process
Create responsive templates for each sub-site based on the tasks that each user group needs to accomplish
Define a workflow, task descriptions and clear processes
Conduct user tests using static models of the site
Develop a search engine with suggested results and position it prominently on the homepage
Configure Google Analytics to be able to collect conversion data specific to each program of study in order to be able to calculate the cost-benefit of PPC campaigns
Create an email address for each student and employee, powered by Google Apps

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