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City of Saint-Lambert

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Adviso was able to guide us through the process of planning of our website, and understood us better than we understood ourselves. Content, functionality, usability… Every aspect was analyzed and rethought with the sole objective of improving services for citizens. Above and beyond creating a better user experience, Adviso was able to move us off the beaten path, and propose innovative suggestions to help us find a sustainable solution that would be able to evolve with our organization in the years to come.
Catherine Langevin
Head of the Communications Department

Strategic planning for a website redesign

The City of Saint-Lambert is essentially a residential city, no longer in development. The city wanted to completely redesign its website (the main goal of which is to provide information for current residents) to make it more modern, flexible, and to allow for the addition of new functionalities – something that simply isn’t possible with the current content management system (CMS).

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