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Cascades Tissue Group

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When you jump into a universe as vast as the web you need a well-equipped vessel to direct your actions into the right spheres to avoid getting lost in cyberspace. Thanks to Adviso and its team, Cascades started its conquest off very well and is shining brightly on the web. Congratulations!
Danielle Lamarre
Marketing Director, National Brand and Communications, Consumer Products, Canada Cascades Tissue Group

Developing a brand image for Cascades Enviro on the web

Develop the image of Cascades Enviro products online: raise awareness of the brand’s products as being eco-friendly and highlight the brand as being innovative.

Challenges related to the project

Tying the Marketing-Communication strategy for the Cascades brand to that of online media
Developing content that encourages social media discussions and interactions around paper products (tissues, bathroom tissue, paper towel, etc.)
Developing the brand’s reputation while focusing on quality content

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Creation of the and sites
Creation of a blog, Facebook page and Twitter page to facilitate the sharing of information and discussions
Development of specific content for each different persona (teacher, dark green user, light green user, etc.)
Ongoing SEO in order to obtain targeted visits without the need to purchase media advertising

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