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Ctrl+A: Data security [S01 E01]
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Ctrl+A: Data security [S01 E01]


At Adviso, we like to try new things, give life to projects that are born on the edge of a campfire, between two marshmallows (and a few beers). Like our podcast for example!

After several months of thinking and procrastinating on the name of the podcast, its objectives, the process, the necessary technical material, the approach, the musical signature, we finally got there: we broadcast the first episode of Ctrl+A!

For this very first episode, we have chosen to deal with a subject that caused a lot of ink (pixels) to flow in May 2018: the application of the general data protection regulations (GDPR in English.)

But we didn't just want to make recommendations for local businesses, we wanted to go deeper from a digital media perspective. Especially since our transformer specialist Marie Nicollet had already written a brilliant article on the subject, explaining what the GDPR eats up in winter, why it was important and what impacts it could have.

The Ctrl+A team instinctively turned to Adviso's programmatic media practice leader, Jean-Michel Dubé, to discuss data security and the use (ethical or not) more precisely. which is made of it in programmatic.


Alright, enough said. To your headphones!!


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