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Quick guide to Facebook Blueprint certification
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Quick guide to Facebook Blueprint certification

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Yup, Facebook joined the certification game!

Three Facebook certifications emerged:

  1. Facebook Advertising Core Competencies
  2. Facebook Certified Planning Professional
  3. Facebook Certified Buying Professional

With this Blueprint certification program, Facebook is sending a clear message to Facebook specialists and companies.

Specialists: Get certified if you want to stand out above other experts on the market.

Simpson_Certificatio nFacebook
Source: www.simpsonsworld.com

Companies: Are you working with a certified Facebook expert? Do you have access to the best expertise available?

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Source: comedycentral.com

Contrary to some other certifications, like Google AdWords, Facebook imposes strict rules during exams. For example:

  • You may not access or use personal items while taking your exam.
  • Mobile phones and other electronic devices must be turned off or muted and stored
  • You may not use any note paper or writing material at any time during the exam.
  • A Greeter will check you in at the start of your exam session, verify your identity, confirm that you are taking the intended exam, and perform a security check of your testing environment.

I personally have successfully completed Facebook Advertising Core Competencies and am on my way to completing the second certification. They’re no cakewalk! Exams are designed to measure your skills across every aspect of the platform, including page management, choosing the right ad strategies, campaign optimization, etc. You need to know your stuff, on every aspect of the platform.

Go into the exam prepared

I would advise planning for at least 20 extra minutes before the exam for verifications; they’re pretty intense and strict. Facebook has imposed these rules to make sure its certification has value on the market. Too many platforms lack stringent rules for certification, which leads to abuse and a diminishment of the value of the certification.

I would recommend going through several of Facebook Blueprint’s eLearning courses before taking the exam, or failure is certain!

There are also practice exams that will help you get familiar with the level of difficulty of the questions. You’ll have access to the topics covered, as well as course links for each topic. It’s very well done - way to go, Facebook!

What’s in it for me?

I can already hear you asking, what’s the point? Good question! Not only is this an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, but also to sharpen your skills. The platform is in constant evolution, so these certifications are a great pretext to review the concepts you already know, and master new functionalities.

The biggest companies will want to work with certified experts. Can an AdWords specialist get by without their certifications? If you have to ask, you know the answer.

Some of the biggest companies in Quebec have already entrusted Adviso with their Facebook campaigns. Companies like:

  • National Bank, for the management of campaigns for its diverse financial product offering, both for performance and brand, on Facebook and Instagram.
  • National Bank Insurance, for the management of its car and home insurance campaigns on Facebook.
  • LASIK MD has also entrusted Adviso with the management of its performance and brand campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, even if it isn’t essential, the Facebook certification will allow you to deepen your understanding and prove your mastery of several advanced elements of the platform. Is it a necessary certification for everyone? Absolutely not! For an occasional user? Probably not. For a specialist who manages campaigns every day? Yes, I want it!

In the meantime, why not check the certification out. Who know, within a few weeks, you might be certified!