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19 Handy and Free Social Media Tools
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19 Handy and Free Social Media Tools

Social Media

Here is a list of handy and free  social media tools.  I don't use them all personally, but you never know when one of them might come in handy in a particular case. They are classified into three main categories: monitoring tools, publication tools and account management tools.


I will try to sell you each tool in one sentence. There are a lot of social media tools out there, I decided to focus on the free ones.


Here are tools that allow you to monitor social networks, but also competition and blogs. For more monitoring tools and further analysis, you can read our review on monitoring tools . 

Allows you to search for all tweets posted on Twitter since the beginning of Twitter. Also allows ranking by influencer users.

Tool that ranks all Facebook pages of the majority of companies. Makes it easy to find Facebook Pages in the same niche as ours. Allows you to see the most popular Facebook pages.

Allows you to search the web as well as social media for mentions of a search term. Ranks by keywords used and tone.

Ranks users according to an influence score, the Klout. Also allows you to find content.

Allows you to easily classify RSS feeds. Solution very similar to Google Reader.


Here are tools for posting on social media or for optimizing the posting of links on social media.

Allows you to publish your links on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook at specific times each day so that you don't publish everything at once.

Allows you to discover content related to what you already like (according to your Twitter account).

Tool offered by Facebook to check the implementation of your Open Graph tags.

Allows you to check at once if your tags are correctly set up for sharing your site on social media.


Here are tools that allow you to manage your social presence.

Mainly, allows you to display the Twitter accounts of people who do not follow you.

Very practical tool that allows you to automate certain recurring tasks on your social presence. There are “recipes” for almost every need.

Allows you to save links to watch them later. Convenient during your watch.

Allows you to manage multiple accounts

The best tool for managing multiple accounts.

Allows you to do an advanced search of Twitter users. This is a very handy tool when it comes to searching by user bio.

Similar to Followerwonk, but possible to search the lists too.

Generates graphs with the number of followers on Twitter. Handy when you want to check when a certain account has gained followers.

Allows you to easily and quickly generate reports for several social networks.

A tool that helps manage Instagram on the web. You can't post from the web yet, but you can comment and like the photos.