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Who said a legal text had to be sad?
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Who said a legal text had to be sad?

Business Strategy

New week, new office! Adviso has just moved to rue Mont-Royal, near Saint-André. In the enthusiasm of the boxes to undo the projects to be delivered and the discovery of our new premises (smelling the atrocious floor varnish), I realize that I have misplaced my headphones.

No problem, two minutes on foot, a friendly trader of electronic devices is struggling to sell them.

Okay, what do I take? Gummies, Sony, another pair of little pocket headphones that will last two weeks? It's decided, I go ahead and buy myself a pair of Skullcandy™ headphones.


  If you own a product from this company, have you read the warranty?

  To have had the opportunity to work with clients of good size, I had, in return, to undergo the validations of their disputes. Every word suddenly takes on capital importance and, especially in competition rules, the length and sometimes the comprehension of these legal texts defies the abilities of Mrs. or Mr. Everybody.

In the case that interests us, it's a little different (their French is a little hesitant, but we understand the gist of the message):

Skullcandy™ Company is proud to provide the best warranty in the industry. If this product becomes defective during your lifetime, we will replace it free of charge.
If this product is damaged by excessive listening to music, sliding down a ramp, using an aircraft emergency exit, being run over in a locker room, car door, or run over by a car, thrown into a wall, lost somewhere, while mountain biking, trail biking, skydiving, mercilessly beating or being beaten by your boyfriend, being thrown into an experiment with flammable substances , or damaged in any way. That means you live your life the way we want you to use this product! Under these circumstances and no matter how damaged the device may be, we will replace the product at a 50% discount on the retail cost.
With love, skullcandy™

This warranty does two things for me. First, it expresses better than any graphic device the philosophy of this company and, secondly, it represents an unshakeable faith in its own products.

The tone is the same everywhere on the  site . We can sense a very Web 2.0 trend in the way Skullcandy tries to engage visitors: blogs, contests, calls for the creation of "wallpapers" with the company logo, calls for photos featuring the logo in places unusual. Nothing completely new, but a nice consistency where you feel that the company has adopted a message and pushes it to the limit without polluting it with other efforts aimed at speaking to other market segments. Skullcandy™ strategy is based on attitude and commitment to its target market (young adults oriented extreme sports).

Finally, a company that doesn't try to be everything to everyone.