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15 reasons to work remotely at Adviso
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15 reasons to work remotely at Adviso



There’s no denying that what’s great about teleworking is being able to use the time you would have spent commuting to sleep in a bit later. Working from home also means a lot less stress about accidentally setting off the office alarm when you’re the first person to arrive and then realize (too late) that you forgot your password! #startingthedayoffright #alwayswriteitdown

But despite the plusses, let’s admit it: We’re all really, really looking forward to being together again (even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense right now)!

So here are 15 realities about what it’s like to telework at Adviso. Truth: We can still do silly things even from home. We’re betting that will really make you want to join our team!


50/50: The best of both worlds


In 2020, after being surveyed, Adviso’s employees decided that from now on, work would be organized in a hybrid fashion: 50 percent in-office, 50 percent by teleworking. It’s a formula built for balance, combining the comforts of home with the energy and camaraderie of the office!


Adviso is a trend-setter


Even before the pandemic, we were already offering employees the possibility of taking six consecutive weeks to telework outside of Canada. It certainly makes office meetings a whole lot livelier to see a few scantily clad beachgoers in the background when it’s sub-zero in Montreal! #vivacostarica


Save on clothing


Working in your underwear definitely saves you a bunch on clothing. Plus we’ll give you some branded Adviso loungewear to complete your hygge wardrobe the moment you arrive! Seriously!


$500 tax-free with your first paycheque


All the equipment you need to do your job is provided by Adviso, from your laptop to your office chair to your second screen—the keyboard, mouse and mousepad too! The $500 tax-free amount with your first paycheque will therefore mostly just pay for the coffee you’ll need to make yourself when you’re at home. We even send you a welcome pack as soon as you’re hired!


No more waiting for your artisanal latte


When you work at home, there’s a lot less socializing around the coffee machine, but the advantage is that if you feel like getting into the fine art of café latte design, you won’t be making other people wait to use the machine. So go crazy and set your inner artist free! YOLO!


Uber & Learn


Teleworking has revamped the traditional office Lunch & Learn. Take your pick—there’s either the morning Coffee Shot or end-of-day Apéro & Learn. And no need to line up for the dishwasher, since your UberEats coupon lets you order whatever you’d like. Training is not only still available, but even more accessible than before. Pandemic or not, we’re still keeping our focus on skill development and improvement!


Let your cat hijack a meeting


Does your pet turn heads with their particular panache, boldness or overall good looks? Think they have the screen presence and moves it would take to unseat Denis, Émilie’s cat, who loves to regularly expose his furry buns in the middle of a meeting? Let the competition begin!


Pay even LESS for public transportation


You might have suspended purchasing your metro pass for the moment, and that’s okay! However, when life gets back to normal and we’re all free to move around once again, you should know that we offer attractive discounts on monthly passes for public transportation, no matter which network you use to get to work!


Tendinitis alert!


The great thing about remote work is there’s no risk of developing tendinitis from too much ping-pong or foosball. On the other hand, if you join our Media and CCX departments’ Mario Kart team, you might want to start stretching that Achilles now.


Listen to music whenever you want, as loud as you want!


It’s true that our Sonos speakers at the office offer the kind of acoustics your laptop could never deliver, but honestly… Is listening to the Dixie Chicks at top volume really for everyone? Don’t worry. We can all have some fun/be a bit crazy in our own special way—we have the technology!


Need to focus?


At home and find you’re having trouble concentrating? Guess what, the office is the perfect place to refocus—plus there’s no cat! Yes, the world has certainly been turned upside-down during the pandemic, but the good news is you can have access to an ideal workspace with a breathtaking, panoramic view! It’s the kind of office that will make all your friends jealous. Take advantage of it while there’s still time!


Feeling a bit down? We’ve got you covered!


Adviso takes its team’s wellness to heart, and COVID has only strengthened our commitment in this regard. We cover 100 percent of the cost of psychological support through a therapist or psychologist. Adviso is also a partner of Bénévolat d’entraide aux communicateurs (BEC), an organization that supports the health and wellness of people working in Quebec’s media, communications and marketing industries by offering a support line that is available at all times.


The beer fridge misses you


He’s definitely more used to a kind of “pack-it-in” ambience, but during the pandemic, even the beer fridge is social distancing. Virtual cocktails are weirdly less intense and wild, but during this down period you should save your energy so you can be ready for our next party! Adviso does have a reputation to defend. Trust me, it’s the kind of event you’ll need to be in shape for.


Prepaid reference card


A thousand bucks on a prepaid card if you refer someone, or, if you prefer, plane tickets with a value of $1,500. It’s your choice, but at present with the pandemic, there’s no rush to decide. Right now, let’s all play it safe and travel by screen with Google Meet!


The patio can’t wait for spring


The snow is finally melting and our outdoor ping-pong table is dying to see everyone. The good newsping-pong is a naturally two-metre-long, social-distancing sport! Get in line now to be part of the international-level competition!

So which reason do you identify with most? Do you have any others in mind? If so we’d love to hear about them! Let’s meet soon to discuss them (from two metres apart).

While we might all be a bit more distant from each other than normal during the pandemic, in our hearts and minds we’re still together! Some things will never change. After all, we really are one big family.