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Université de Montréal

Increased number of visits on the admission form
Number of visits
Bounce rate on "1st cycle programs"

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Adviso is a competent and professional firm that supports us in our Web efforts since many years now. With their good listening skills, they help us reach new levels with our technological Web projects
Lorraine Gauthier

Putting a site redesign strategy in place

Implementing a strategy to redesign the site (in two phases over a period of 2 years) in order to increase admission applications while reducing the volume of manual updates.

* This mandate was carried out in collaboration with Absolunet.

Challenges related to the project

The prospective students’ office did not have the authors’ rights for all of the content to be displayed
The site was entirely static, encoded and updated manually
The budget was limited and technological constraints were enforced by the IT department
The website’s academic aspect (heavy and complex content, etc.)

Strategies deployed by Adviso

Comprehensive review of the tree structure and redesign of web content
Implementation of a persuasion strategy that leads to the admission application
Reduction in the number of pages and optimization of the admission application process
Creation of models for the home page, section pages and content pages
Creation of a programs page (and categorization of the latter) to facilitate the search for and exploration of programs
Creation of a page for each undergraduate program and another page for graduate programs

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