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Power-up your marketing with artificial intelligence

The volume of digital marketing data never stops increasing. Marketing experts have to contend with databases that contain several terabytes or even petabytes of information arriving from several platforms simultaneously. Without a good data mining strategy, data processing becomes a serious challenge. That’s why AI and data science have increasingly become interesting solutions for many businesses.

Thanks to our expertise in digital marketing and analytics, Adviso guides marketers through the challenge of dealing with data management by offering practical solutions in artificial intelligence. Our team of data scientists work jointly with Adviso experts from a range of other domains to develop pragmatic, relevant models. The goal of these models is to automate operations, determine which customers will bring the most revenue or even reduce the effect of repetitive tasks that bring no added value.

Adviso offers solutions that use a wide range of algorithms and augmented analytic techniques, such as:

  •       Content classification and chatbots (NLP/G/U)
  •       Predictive analytics
  •       Optimization algorithms
  •       Cluster analysis
  •       Deep learning



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Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing

Adviso has developed solutions in machine learning and statistical analysis that are specifically adapted to content marketing efforts. Use AI to better understand ranking factors in organic search (SEO) or to isolate the perceived attributes of your brand or product.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Media

Use advanced data mining techniques to better predict the performance of your media campaigns or to optimize your budgets on Google Ads, Facebook or other programmatic advertising platforms. Adviso’s team of data scientists are continually developing algorithms and innovative techniques like the Delta Opportunity Index (DOI), a model that was published in the prestigious refereed journal of Applied Marketing Analytics in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience (CX)

The optimization of your customer’s digital experience requires complex, multi-source data analysis. Adviso has created models that are capable of transforming your raw data into deep marketing insights about your consumers and their actual needs.

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Analytics

At Adviso, data scientists work hand in hand with analytics developers to get the best out of your data from Google Analytics, BigQuery, Adobe Marketing Cloud and other MarTech platforms. Data engineering and modelling enable you to take your data further in order to gain better business intelligence.

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