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Companies today know that it’s often more profitable to qualify an existing contact than to try to appeal to someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Every customer is living a different situation, and deserves to be spoken to in a customized way. That is, however, impossible to deliver manually once you have reached a certain volume.

With marketing automation, you can create messages that respond fittingly, and are triggered automatically, at every milestone the customer experiences over the course of their relationship with the company. There are countless opportunities, and countless tools to help you get there.

Marketing automation is particularly good for advertisers looking to rethink the way they approach email marketing. It allows to create perennial messages that prioritize the key moments experienced by the customer over a forced, ephemeral publication calendar.

Our team can help you clarify this landscape by helping you select and use the most appropriate automation platform, and by supporting you through the process of optimizing existing campaigns and tools to maximize effectiveness, from setting a strategy to continuous optimization.

Create value by communicating in an efficient and personalized manner that is adapted to the customer’s context.


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With experience in a wide variety of industries, our team can help you identify the key moments and most relevant messages for your customers, as well as structure and launch your campaigns, and optimize them based on business results.


Our conversion optimization specialists will support you through the design, execution, and measure of landing pages that will incite your contacts to take action after either having seen one of your campaigns or found you through search, or with the help of forms that will allow you to collect leads and orders.


Our team has already compared dozens of tools appropriate for different contexts; we can help your team choose the one best adapted to your business model, or help you get the most of out the tool you already have, both in terms of revenue generated and efficiency of campaign management.

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