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How can marketing insights be generated for your company ?

Analytical marketing is a discipline that involves the transformation of data into actionable insights for marketing experts. It is distinct from business analysis in that it focuses specifically on marketing activities.

These insights aim to improve performance and marketing intelligence, which will have a direct impact on the business performance of your company. Typical marketing data used in this type of analysis are the following:

  • website data;
  • mobile data;
  • advertising data;
  • CRM data;
  • user search data (such as surveys);
  • online transactions.

Our marketing insights service supports your organization by supplementing your internal expertise and/or by offering you the resources you need to tackle the additional workload involved in exploiting the terabytes of marketing data stored on your analytic platforms.

Our service covers two main areas:

  • Data visualization: personalized dashboards for tracking and optimizing your marketing initiatives;
  • Digital insights: the transformation of your digital data into marketing opportunities that can be used to reach your business objectives.

Here are concrete examples of the value we have delivered to our clients:

“The quarterly Digital Insights enabled us to greatly clarify our decision making for our digital strategy. As a bonus, the process also highlighted actions we need to take in our overall communication ecosystem. For us it’s definitely our favourite product offered by Adviso.”

Valérie Sapin, Énergir
Marketing Director, Customer Experience and Energy Efficiency

“The Digital Insights service has become a strategic tool that guides our 360 digital initiatives. It enables us to identify, on an ongoing basis, new performance levers and additional avenues for optimization.”

Karine Larose – Nautilus Plus
Director, Marketing and Communications

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