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A custom solution for companies wanting to maximize the potential of their data

For more mature organizations, Adobe Analytics constitutes a very interesting option. Accurate and flexible, this tool is able to capture and organize a large volume of data, measure the performance of various segments, track visitor behaviour, and even anticipate their needs. Thanks to rapid deployment tools, each solution can be continually optimized to adapt to changing business needs or performance metrics.

In addition to being able to capture data with extreme accuracy, with its ability to integrate and reconcile data from third parties and internal databases (points of sales, CRMs and ERPs), Adobe Analytics could become a performance measurement tool for a wide range of activities extending well beyond the marketing department, by integrating with:

    • Social networks (ads): Facebook and LinkedIn
    • Marketing automation: Eloqua
    • Capture the voice of the customer: ExactTarget, ClickTale, Forsee
    • Display: Google, OpenX, PubMatic, Yahoo, Yandex
    • Socio-demographic data suppliers: Demandbase, Epsilon, Navegg, Neustar

Adviso is certified by Adobe for the implementation, optimization and interpretation of data collected by Adobe Analytics.


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Mobile Performance Measurement

With libraries specific to each mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry), you can collect data on the use of your native mobile apps, measure the effectiveness of your mobile ads (SMS, notifications, research, etc.) and provide additional data for multichannel analyses.

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Multichannel Performance Measurement

With help from an additional tool (Data workbench), it is possible to reconcile data from online and offline sources, to get recommendations, to make discoveries (*insights*), to evaluate the relevance and interest of visitors (*lead scoring*), to correctly attribute the contribution of a particular channel to a conversion, and develop tactics for targeting and remarketing.

Multichannel analysis allows you to better understand visitor behaviour so you can make them an offer they can’t refuse, at minimal cost!

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Adobe Analytics