Evolving your company culture to achieve enduring digital transformation

In 2015, the introduction to a study conducted amongst more than 4,000 business leaders by MIT Sloan Management Review stated the following: “The history of technological ad­vance in business is littered with examples of companies focusing on technologies without in­vesting in organizational capabilities that ensure their impact. In many companies, the failed imple­mentation of enterprise resource … Continued

When awareness goes hand-in-hand with media performance

Digital media performance has always been closely connected to conversion. Whether you’re talking about online sales or lead generation, we associate the idea of performance with a tangible action that has immediate repercussions on achieving a digital objective. On the other hand, it’s harder to relate performance to brand awareness or consideration initiatives, since their … Continued

The human element and UX: Inseparable issues in CX

Last June 15, I had the pleasure of participating in a virtual event organized by Les Affaires as part of the Expérience client 2021 conference, which was above all a very humane opportunity to reconnect with colleagues. I chose to talk about a subject I feel very passionately about (the photo 👇doesn’t lie 🙄): the … Continued

The return of annual planning?

Given the year (and a half) we’ve just experienced, companies have had to come to terms with a huge amount of adversity. We closed, we reopened, we reclosed, we cancelled, we backed off, and sometimes we even went ahead too quickly (shout-out to my restaurateur friends!). In short, what we just went through was, without … Continued

What is the effect of the Google announcement to end third-party cookies by 2023?

Google Chrome pushes back the end of third-party cookies to 2023 The “gods of the web” at Google seem to have heard the cries of marketers who are panicked over the announced end of support for third-party cookies on Chrome by January 2022. The giant has announced it will push back the deployment of its … Continued

Adapting enterprise data lake architecture for marketing analytics

Marketing data have been growing for the past ten years. As I mentioned in a previous article, according to Toolbox, most marketing departments today have, on average, up to 16 MarTech platforms in their stack (and up to 20 on the B2B side). All of these platforms generate data, and even megadata. As a result, … Continued

Project management: Ready for takeoff?

When you decide to fly someplace (in a non-pandemic context, of course), what influences your choice to go with a specific airline? Obviously you make the decision based on the destinations served, the timeliness of its flights and the price of tickets. But what about customer or in-flight service? In a similar way, when it … Continued

Are you throwing your investments in digital video for awareness out the window?

As recently related in a Forbes article, more and more big companies like P&G, Chase and Uber are putting a major part of their media investments in awareness on hold, without observing any significant decrease in their business results. The direct effects of these investments (generally in programmatic display and video) are actually very hard … Continued

Facebook Conversions API: Accelerate your server-side data collection

For a few years now, consumers have become increasingly aware that they generate data when they’re online. In fact, according to a recent survey, close to 97% of the population is concerned with protecting their personal data. For this reason, many big digital players have established measures that enable users to better control the data … Continued

The end of cookies: 3 specific solutions (video)

The disappearance of third-party cookies represents a huge change in terms of the basic mechanisms that underlie digital marketing. Since we wrote our first article on the subject in January 2020, we’ve also evaluated the impacts on many digital activities (particularly on overall performance, media, content and UX and measurement), held discussions with companies participating … Continued