Reverse ETL: The new indispensable tool for working with data

For quite some time now, digital marketing professionals have become passionate about collecting performance data, which are used to improve decision making and increase the relevance of strategies in the eyes of end users. Today, we’d like to present the latest arrival in the field of data exploitation: reverse ETL. Positioned downstream from your data … Continued

Improve customer retention with data and segmentation

Faced with the progressive withdrawal of third-party cookies, the digital marketing landscape is in the process of slowly remaking itself, refocusing decision-makers’ attention on customer retention. This technological change, and the evolution of the legal context surrounding the protection of personal data, makes the creation of an adapted proprietary data strategy even more necessary than … Continued

The next generation is waiting in the wings

With the announcement in September that Elizabeth Henry would be taking the reins at Adviso as CEO and another a few weeks ago about the arrival of three new shareholders, one thing is certain: Adviso’s business succession is definitely underway. When Simon Lamarche and I first announced that we favoured this particular direction, the path … Continued

Are the metaverse and NFTs the future of marketing?

In an article published this past February 28 by the Harvard Business Review, professor Arun Sundararajan made a fairly explicit prediction: “Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are going mainstream in 2022.” In another article published at the end of 2021 in Forbes magazine, a similar declaration was made, this time by Andrew Faridani, CEO of BreezeMaxWeb: “One … Continued

GA is dead, long live GA!

Every change carries its share of uncertainties, risks and challenges, especially when the change is effected by a third party like Google. But with a little preparatory work, such difficulties can be transformed into opportunities to evolve. Today we’d like to suggest a list of important aspects you should consider in order to form a … Continued

Real-time analytics: Using BigQuery to stream raw JSON events

Nota bene: Please note that the following article is intended primarily for data engineers and IT professionals generally familiar with BigQuery and Google Cloud. With the rise of Apache Kafka and Spark, streaming analytics has become increasingly popular over the past decade. At first it was mostly reserved for the data elites, namely those large … Continued

Adviso x Heyday roundtable: The future of automation 

Adviso has partnered with Heyday to set up a discussion table on marketing automation. In this first installment of our Roundtable Discussion series, Heyday by Hootsuite’s Director of Partnerships Marie-Claude Levielle and VP, Product Christine Dupuis sit down with CRM Strategist Maxime Philippon and Digital Strategy and Customer Experience Team Lead Meryem Abou El Bal … Continued

Earn the consent and trust of your users

The collection of personal data is a perennial issue, one that often takes the form of a balancing act between irreconcilable perceptions and appearances. From the individual’s point of view, data is valuable and sensitive information that falls within the bounds of personal privacy, while from a business standpoint, it’s essential for getting to know … Continued

The unforeseeable, rapid evolution of media : An unprecedented strategic challenge

It’s no secret that we’ve seen rapid, radical changes in media habits in recent years, and by all indications these habits will continue to evolve very quickly. While various end scenarios are foreseeable, it’s impossible to predict the future, especially given the current pandemic. What was true yesterday isn’t necessarily still true today, so how … Continued

Optimization culture : Doing more with less

Endless lists of projects, business unity priorities and bosses asking you to realize their latest “big new idea”—such is the daily reality of employees in leadership roles. And so, with great finesse, you present these new initiatives to your co-workers like some kind of door-to-door salesman, trying to convince them of the benefits of digital … Continued