Digital strategy News OnCrawl: 6 experts Rocket certified

OnCrawl: 6 experts Rocket certified

23 November 2018

Adviso recently acquired a license for a new SEO software: OnCrawl. This software will allow the content team to make even more advanced discoveries by combining different data sources to better understand visitor behaviour and needs.

Working with a crawler, and especially OnCrawl, is almost a prerequisite in today’s SEO and content marketing world. OnCrawl is an innovative, didactic and easy-to-use tool, yet extremely powerful, with constant updates and a team that is always able to listen to our feedback and use it to improve the tool. That’s why we decided to join the Rocket Program to become a certified agency. We’ve taken a good look at it: the training is dynamic, informative, interactive and the final test is not a formality at all! We had to work and think as a team, which was perfect, and allowed us to cover the full range of possibilities of the many features and modules of the tool.
Sebastien Neveu, SEO Practice Lead, Adviso

Our SEO experts are pleased to be able to offer even more in-depth analysis to their clients. Congratulations to Pierre-Olivier Boucher, Clément Hochedez, Louis Théorêt, Nicolas Duval, Émile Chebab and Sébastien Neveu!

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