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Jun. 17 2019

Influencer marketing: There’s no magic formula

“The Heart of Tech” was this year’s theme, speaking to a need to get back to the human beings behind the technology.

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Series Marketing automation

This series put the spotlight on marketing automation, a trend that is gaining popularity in the industry - with good reason! Discover how to efficiently integrate this tactic within your projects, as well as optimization tricks when you are ready to take it to the next level.

Seriespart 1
Jul. 06 2017

7 things to consider before diving into marketing automation

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Seriespart 2
Aug. 22 2017

20 marketing automation actions you could set up tomorrow

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Seriespart 3
Aug. 23 2017

The surest way to choose a marketing automation platform

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Seriespart 4
Aug. 24 2017

Boost your marketing automation efforts with data

  • Reading / 9 min.
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