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Jun. 19 2019

Whose job is lead generation, sales or marketing?

To ensure growth, all companies must develop an effective strategy and customer acquisition tactics. But is it the sales team or the marketing team that is responsible for translating these investments into concrete results?

  • Technical level
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Series Facebook Analytics

The Facebook Analytics platform is a powerful tool to measure your customer journey experience (and much more!), but it can look like quite a puzzle at first sight. Let our media experts break it down for you.

Seriespart 1
Apr. 11 2018

Getting started with Facebook Analytics & its omni-channel solution

  • Reading / 3 min.
Seriespart 2
Apr. 19 2018

What’s the value of your Facebook posts for your conversions?

  • Reading / 3 min.
Seriespart 3
Apr. 26 2018

On which devices do your users convert?

  • Reading / 3 min.
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