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Jan. 06 2020

Digital marketing: what roles should be given to employees, agencies and robots?

  • Technical level
  • Read time / 7 min.



Series Facebook Analytics

The Facebook Analytics platform is a powerful tool to measure your customer journey experience (and much more!), but it can look like quite a puzzle at first sight. Let our media experts break it down for you.

Seriespart 1
Apr. 11 2018

Getting started with Facebook Analytics & its omni-channel solution

  • Read time / 3 min.
Seriespart 2
Apr. 19 2018

What’s the value of your Facebook posts for your conversions?

  • Read time / 3 min.
Seriespart 3
Apr. 26 2018

On which devices do your users convert?

  • Read time / 3 min.
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