Marketing transformation: Data is a prerequisite

This blog post is part of a four-part series that will attempt to give you a better idea of the key components that you need to take into consideration to accelerate your marketing transformation with data. It will focus specifically on the data component. Upcoming blog posts will focus on other areas like culture and … Continued

The 5 main CX trends to watch this fall

Most digital leaders agree that despite the many challenges brought by COVID-19, one positive effect of the pandemic has been the acceleration of their companies’ digital transformations. In order for the rest of 2021 and the upcoming year 2022 to represent a period of robust recovery, as many are hoping, we need to find the … Continued

The effects of iOS 15 on emailing and immediate solutions

During its annual developers conference last June 7, Apple announced that new versions of its operating systems iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey would include functionalities to strengthen users’ privacy protection and limit tracking of email activity. Given that Apple is the largest messaging provider in the world with a market share of over … Continued

4 pillars of a culture centred on customer experience (CX)

It goes without saying that a company focused on customer experience must hold clear, coherent values that place customers at the centre of its concerns, and that these values must be shared both by employees as well as by management. Think of Disney, for example. During the first day of training, no matter what their … Continued

Marketing automation in a labour shortage

The back-to-school season seems like it will be a new period of challenges for many Canadian companies. On the one hand, many uncertainties persist regarding the health crisis and its effects on operations. On the other hand, we’re in the midst of experiencing profound changes when it comes to values and behaviours in the digital … Continued

Are you doing digital because you have to?

Last February, my co-worker Philippe Boutin-Lizotte wrote a super-interesting article about a trend he’d noticed amongst many clients. In the article, Philippe pointed out a significant change in the ad campaign objectives of some clients: More than ever before, return on investment (ROI) had become their obsession. While this is a legitimate preoccupation, it shouldn’t … Continued

Evolving your company culture to achieve enduring digital transformation

In 2015, the introduction to a study conducted amongst more than 4,000 business leaders by MIT Sloan Management Review stated the following: “The history of technological ad­vance in business is littered with examples of companies focusing on technologies without in­vesting in organizational capabilities that ensure their impact. In many companies, the failed imple­mentation of enterprise resource … Continued

When awareness goes hand-in-hand with media performance

Digital media performance has always been closely connected to conversion. Whether you’re talking about online sales or lead generation, we associate the idea of performance with a tangible action that has immediate repercussions on achieving a digital objective. On the other hand, it’s harder to relate performance to brand awareness or consideration initiatives, since their … Continued

The human element and UX: Inseparable issues in CX

Last June 15, I had the pleasure of participating in a virtual event organized by Les Affaires as part of the Expérience client 2021 conference, which was above all a very humane opportunity to reconnect with colleagues. I chose to talk about a subject I feel very passionately about (the photo 👇doesn’t lie 🙄): the … Continued

The return of annual planning?

Given the year (and a half) we’ve just experienced, companies have had to come to terms with a huge amount of adversity. We closed, we reopened, we reclosed, we cancelled, we backed off, and sometimes we even went ahead too quickly (shout-out to my restaurateur friends!). In short, what we just went through was, without … Continued