The Countdown to the Cookie Apocalypse Is Officially On

It’s Official: Chrome Kills the Third-Party Cookie in 2022 With this major announcement on January 14 about Chrome browsers rendering all third-party cookies obsolete by 2022, Google has shaken the ad/MarTech world to its core. Most digital marketers expected it to happen, perhaps with the hope that it would only materialize in the next five … Continued

An Omnichannel Approach to Marketing AI

Remarketing Ads: The Stone Age of Marketing AI Thanks to major self-service advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and the rise of programmatic ad buying, marketers have been exposed to Marketing AI for some time now. However, much of the machine learning involved in these platforms happens inside a black box.  The advertiser … Continued

3 MarTech trends to watch in 2020

2019 brought its share of breakthroughs in marketing technology (MarTech), and 2020 is on pace to bring more of the same. To help you better identify the opportunities and challenges the coming year will bring, here are three trends that will likely have an impact on many organizations. 1. The customer data platform Companies face … Continued

What will the next 5 years look like for Facebook?

Over the past ten years, Facebook has become a huge presence on the web. Whether it’s through the explosive growth of its ad platform (weirdly corresponding to a decline in organic reach), its IPO, its multiple acquisitions or even the Cambridge Analytica scandal, this digital giant left no one indifferent.  After such a remarkable decade, … Continued

Digital marketing: what roles should be given to employees, agencies and robots?

Internalization has been a very popular trend in North America for the past few years. Large advertisers have fired their agencies in order to fill roles internally, from creation to social media management, even some media buys. In an era of transparency and performance, today’s agencies must demonstrate their value more than ever. I’m not … Continued

Augmented Analytics: accelerate your time to digital insights activation

The need for faster time to insight activation In my previous article on actionable digital insights (i.e., digital marketing intelligence/insights), I focused a lot on insights vs. raw data. The aim was to show that data without context is meaningless. Data is valuable only once it has been transformed and put into a business context … Continued

Building a UX strategy: as easy as playing with LEGO

When I was younger, playing with LEGO was my favourite pastime — and it still is. You’ll understand why after reading this article…  My very first LEGO projects were pretty basic; all I wanted was for them to be realistic — to look like the object I was trying to replicate. Then I discovered that … Continued

Couples therapy as an approach to strategic consulting

In another life, had I not become a user experience expert, I would almost certainly have donned the mantle of therapist, specifically couples therapist. I’ve always had a profound interest in human beings and the different ways we behave. I like learning about how the conscious and unconscious minds intersect with the environment to influence … Continued

Should you outsource your digital marketing insights practice?

Outsourcing your digital marketing insights practice Before we start, please allow me to direct you to a previous article where I outline the properties of a good insight. The search for insights and how to apply them to your business is a key part of a successful analytics strategy. Unfortunately, technology (analytics platforms) alone can’t … Continued

Ctrl+A – Digital transformation, start-ups and business model [S02 E02]

Should big companies take start-ups as their source of inspiration?  Managers rarely take the time to examine their business model to find a way to generate more profit with the same number of customers. When business is going well, managers generally tend to optimize their margins or costs and grow their market shares. It’s naturally … Continued