The truth about the delayed end of third-party cookies in 2024

Last July 27, Google announced that its sandbox for privacy management would need a longer testing period. This means third-party cookies will be ditched in 2024 instead of 2023. Advertisers and e-commerce sites will therefore have an extra year to adapt to a world without third-party cookies. Of course, this important bit of news isn’t … Continued

E-A-T & SEO: How does Google evaluate the quality of your content

Between 2010 and 2020, the quantity of information available on the Internet multiplied by a factor of 30. This staggering growth led to the emergence of a number of major issues in the 21st century, in particular the explosion of fake news. The problem lies in not just our access to an ever-increasing amount of … Continued

Five ways to increase revenue from your website

Optimizing simply means doing better with what you already have. For optimization to have a real, lasting impact on a company’s operations, it must attack a well-identified problem and provide an adapted solution. At first glance, the following question arises: How can I increase the percentage of visitors performing an action that precipitates the earning … Continued

A practical guide to choosing a CRM platform

  Over the last few years, customer relationship management (CRM) software has evolved a lot. Today, CRM platforms are amongst the most favoured solutions by companies when it comes time to increase the efficiency of their marketing efforts, grow their sales and improve their relationship with their clientele. Thanks to centralized customer data, these leading-edge … Continued

Three reasons marketing attribution needs to be completely redesigned

1. We’ve spent the last 15 years pretending Be honest—we might talk about marketing attribution, but really attribution hasn’t been possible for about 15 years. Although several models exist in Google Analytics, each is more imperfect than the other. Google honestly tried to offer a dynamic, data-driven version in the last enterprise update of Google … Continued

The importance of using managerial pairs for your projects

You’ve probably already seen such pairs at work on agency projects without necessarily being able to distinguish them. The duo I’m referring to, the project manager and the account manager, work together to evolve your project and make sure it’s heading in the right direction. Why two people? How are their roles different? And why … Continued

Beyond cookies: Understanding the new marketing measurement paradigm

Despite the fact that it was myself and my team at Adviso who were among the first to popularize the term “cookie apocalypse” as recently as four years ago, today I’d like to be among the first to say we need to stop using it. Why? Because things have changed and this expression no longer … Continued

Reverse ETL: The new indispensable tool for working with data

For quite some time now, digital marketing professionals have become passionate about collecting performance data, which are used to improve decision making and increase the relevance of strategies in the eyes of end users. Today, we’d like to present the latest arrival in the field of data exploitation: reverse ETL. Positioned downstream from your data … Continued

Improve customer retention with data and segmentation

Faced with the progressive withdrawal of third-party cookies, the digital marketing landscape is in the process of slowly remaking itself, refocusing decision-makers’ attention on customer retention. This technological change, and the evolution of the legal context surrounding the protection of personal data, makes the creation of an adapted proprietary data strategy even more necessary than … Continued

The next generation is waiting in the wings

With the announcement in September that Elizabeth Henry would be taking the reins at Adviso as CEO and another a few weeks ago about the arrival of three new shareholders, one thing is certain: Adviso’s business succession is definitely underway. When Simon Lamarche and I first announced that we favoured this particular direction, the path … Continued