Artificial intelligence in marketing: Get ready for the trough of disillusionment

If for the past year or so there’s been one subject on everyone’s lips at marketing and business events, it’s been artificial intelligence. What awaits this techy buzzword?

Personalization: As Simple As a Visit To The Barbershop?

Without realizing it, your barber understands a few things about personalization better than many organizations: how to recognize the user, their preferences, their expectations, their needs. Want to learn more about how to simplify personalization?

Market share is a bad KPI – Here’s why you should avoid it

When we ask marketing managers what their goals are, we often hear the words “increase our market share.” But in a digital context, choosing to prioritize this indicator is at best counterproductive to, and at worst dangerous for, your business.

Facebook: Portrait of a challenging year

Amongst the array of topics covered by the digital news media this year, Facebook and its PR rollercoaster occupied a primary place. So what are the past year’s takeaways following the algorithmic changes that have directly affected brands’ strategies, especially post–Cambridge Analytica? How much do users now trust Facebook? This situation calls for an assessment.

While the DailyDot has published the entire saga of 2018’s big tech scandal, we’ve instead put together all the post-scandal highlights. Here’s a look at the year in Facebook ups and downs through the privileged view of our digital agency’s internal resources. Remember, you can only plan for a better future by first taking stock of the past!

An interview with Hugo Martin-Bonneville, Customer Experience Strategist: Strategy isn’t just for strategists

This month, I met up with Hugo Martin-Bonneville, Customer Experience Strategist. As part of our customer experience team, his role is to pick insights out of a mountain of information and advise clients on how best to respond to their users’ needs.

Whose job is lead generation, sales or marketing?

To ensure growth, all companies must develop an effective strategy and customer acquisition tactics. But is it the sales team or the marketing team that is responsible for translating these investments into concrete results?

Influencer marketing: There’s no magic formula

“The Heart of Tech” was this year’s theme, speaking to a need to get back to the human beings behind the technology.

Ctrl+A – Buying local in digital advertising [S02 E01]

The second season of the Ctrl+A podcast is up and running! We’re starting out strong with a guest known for his talent as a communicator and presenter: Jean-François Renaud! Today, he and our hosts will be exploring the idea of buying local, as it applies to digital advertising.

Putting people before technology. A look back at the Amsterdam The Next Web conference.

“The Heart of Tech” was this year’s theme, speaking to a need to get back to the human beings behind the technology.

How to turn your data into actionable insights [Framework]

Your company’s digital data should help you make decisions and take action. Is it the case yet?