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4 Adviso conferences scheduled for Fall


Fall has yet to begin and Adviso is already being asked to share its expertise. As of today, we are scheduled to attend 4 major meetings over the fall:

  • Infopresse and the "New Web Tools" conference, September 30, 2009: Simon Lamarche will showcase the toolbox of a Web optimization professional. Registration and Information here.
  • “Bienvenue” event in Quebec, November 2, 2009: Jean-François Renaud will give two lectures on online marketing for group tourism, one in French and another in English. This event brings together the tourism industry’s leading players. The speaker will be accompanied by Karine Miron, a Web tourism strategy expert who will provide private Web strategy consulting services to industry members at the event. Participants will also be in the running to win a free Google Analytics training session. Registration and Information here.
  • We will be speaking at the 2009 Congress of the Federation of Quebec Chambers of Commerce, October 2, 2009: Jean-Sébastien Chouinard will be giving a lecture on the use of social networking by businesses. Registration and Information here.

We hope to see you there!