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Adviso to work on the STM’s long- term web project


Adviso is happy to announce that we’ve been invited to contribute to the exciting STM Web project over the next 3 years by our long-term partner TP1 that has won the contract.

All of our main services shall be put to the task on this major assignment:

Web Strategy

Web Marketing Web Usability

Search Engine Optimization

Web Usability

Web Analytics

Social Media

“We are very proud to draw upon our expertise in strategic planning, traffic generation and our obsession for conversions to support the STM and the cause for public transit”, says Jean- François Renaud, Associate at Adviso.

Mr. Renaud adds, “The collaboration and synergies developed over time with our friends from TP1 will enable us to complete this major project successfully.” As the official service provider for the STM, TP1 will manage the project with creativity and technological mastery.

We knew that satisfying STM’s digital needs for the next three years would require a broad range of expertise," comments Jan- Nicolas Vanderveken, founding partner, TP1. "So it was entirely natural to ask our long-term partner, Adviso, to help enrich our service offering - especially since we already have such a special working relationship.